Toll Rates for motorbikes in Austria

At the reception of the hotel, you can get the toll pass for the Großglockner Hochaplenstraße as well as the combo ticket, which includes toll tickets  for the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße, the Nockalm and the Gerlospass at reduced prices. All other tickets can be bought directly at the toll station. 

Grossglockner High-Alpine Road - Day Pass€ 25,50
Reduced Grossglockner High-Alpine Road - Day Pass available at the reception€ 32
Combination ticket Großglockner, Nockalm and Gerlospass available at the reception€ 33
Grossglockner - Felbertauern Roundtrip Pass€ 32
Zilltertal High Road€ 5
Gerlos Pass Road€ 6
Nockalm Road€ 11
Felbertauern€ 10

Our Motorbike-Packages include the following toll tickets

  • 4 Days-Motorbike-Package includes 1 toll ticket for the Großglocknerhochalpenstraße
  • 7 Days-Motorbike-Package includes 1 toll ticket for the Großglocknerhochalpenstraße, 1 toll ticket for the Nockalmstraße, 1 toll ticket for the Gerlospass